Monday, July 30, 2012

Love and dare yourself

Today's post is again inspired by Mastin and his post in The Daily Love and especially this paragraph: "DOING A LOT OF STUFF EVERY DAY FOR A LONG TIME IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. Not once, not twice, not a hundred times, but UNTIL it happens. Action IS the bridge between dreaming about it, and living it." While I was reading this post, I kept thinking about an old dream of mine - to lose weight. And I've realized that Ihave actually done very little to make this dream come true. I kept to a diet occasionally, I started doing a work out but could only stick to it for 3 weeks max. I have lost a few kilos during the last year, but if I had done the workout on a regular basis and eliminated as much of sugary staff and sweets as possible the result would have been much better. So I have decided to dare myself to live my dream. I am going to workout 4-5 times a week - preferably jogging in the morning before going to work. I can have some sweet stuff or some bakery for the breakfast ONLY if I had done the workout in the morning. I usually let myself eat anything I want on the weekends, it is going to remain the same, but I will have to reduce the amount of sweets to 1 item, i.e. I get to choose 1 sweet thing that I am going to eat that day.That's all what I can think of at this moment. But thinking about it is the easiest part. Tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. I should be out on the street. Let's see how devoted I am to my dream. I'll keep you posted.So the advice of the day is: 

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