Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love and stand up for yourself

Today I have discovered one more thing that I yet need to learn - and that is how to stand up for myself, for what I want. I was out in the park the whole and decided to have dinner at the foodcourt of a nearby shopping mall. I ordered sweet-and-sour pork, but instead got pork with mushrooms. I thought to myself: "That's ok, I will just eat what I have". But after a few minutes I remembered how Louise Hay actually made this comparison once. There was something about ordering a meal at a restaurant and ordering your wish from the Universe. And she said that if in a restaurant you get something different from what you have ordered, you would go to the waiter and ask him/her for what you really want. And she said that it was the very same way with the Universe. For example, you want a car, an Audi A8, and you express your wish and do everything to make it happen, but instead of an A8 you get an A80 - would you put up with that? I think that I would have done so, but now I don't want to. I did finish eating that pork with mushrooms, but I am not going to settle for less any more. I am going to stand up for myself and get what I really want.
So the advice of the day is:

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