Friday, July 13, 2012

Love and dream

Do you dream often? How many dreams do you have? Do your dreams come true? How often does this happen? Some people say that you should live in reality, not in your dreams, they think that dreams are unpractical, but I really doubt it. You see, when you have a dream, it means that you know for sure what you want. For example, you want a house - you already know in your dream, in you imagination what kind of house it is, is it a big mansion on the beach or a cozy little house somewhere near a park. How many rooms are there in the house? Who is this house for, who lives there? In a dream you most likely already have all of these things figured out. You know exactly what you want. And it is much easier for yourself and for the Universe to make this happen. I do believe in the power of the Universe, I believe that every deed and every thought of yours goes out to the Universe and then you get a response. So when you know exactly what you want, that's most likely what you will get. Let's continue with this house example and assume that you did get/buy/inherited a house, but it is not what you've dreamed about. So again if you are absolutely clear in your thoughts about your dream house, you will not stop, you will continue working on your dream and the Universe will continue sending your the opporunities to make this dream come true. I have experienced this in my own life several times, the past 2-3 years have been the result of me having no dream (no dream for me equals no purpose), I thought I would think of a dream later and would figure it out later. So the past 2 years have been quite 'empty' for me, nothing has been happening. But as soon as I've found a new dream, things started to happen. I now have my dream job, and I am working on several other dreams as well.
And one more very important thing - the best way to make your dream happen is to genuinely believe that it is possible. If you have doubts in your dream how can it ever come true?
So the advice of the day: support your dreams

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