Friday, July 6, 2012

Love to explore

There are so many things and places and feelings that are new to you, unknown, undiscovered. Be an explore of life. Wake up every morning, or at least every few days with an intention to learn or experience something new. For example, today I learned about such a thing as Higgs Boson. I came across this phrase in a poem - can you imagine that someone wrote a poem about a chemical particle? (I can tell you who it is - Samantha Rey of Bentlily) Though actually I didn't understand much about it from the article, because I have never really understood (or as I now see it - never wanted to understand) chemistry, nonetheless this has been my something new for today. 
And tomorrow I am going to a small town just outside of Moscow. For a long time I thought that it's not right that I have been to more places outside of Russia than inside. So I decided to finally take an action and explore my country. I bet it's going to be very interesting to see all the different people that live in my country. So my advice of the day is: take time to explore.

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