Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love to laugh

What is the one thing that can make you instantly happier? The one thing that can cheer you up when you feel stressed? Of course, it is laughter. Some reseachers even say that laughter may be as beneficial as a good diet and exercise for patients with heart disease. I have a friend who was so unintendedly funny that I would laugh my head off. Unfortunately we now don't work together and moreover live in different cities, so I don't get a chance to laugh with her very often. But that doesn't stop me. If I haven't had a reason to laugh during a day, then I do it without a reason - I just go up to the mirror and start laughing. I learned this trick from the guys at Radical Undoing, and to be honest I don't use the trick now, I have forgotten about it, but now that I've remebered I promise to do it every day. Do you promise to do the same?
And the advice of the day is:

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