Monday, July 23, 2012

Love and value

Every day when I begin to write a post, I sit down, reflect on my day (I usually write around 10-11pm) and I think to myself: "Ok, another day has gone by. What has happened today? What experience did I get? What new lesson did I learn?" So today I learned about value: about bringing value to every day of your life and also about valuing your or someone else's time. I thought about how important it is to make your every day valuable when I was reading about Jessica Redfield. I realized that there is only one thing in our lives that cannot be changed - and that is death. (I was trying to escape this word and replace it with something less negative, but then - is there a less or more negative degree when it concerns death?). Everything else is up to us to decide - what do you want to do today? Who do you want to be with and talk to? All of these things are totally up to you. So if you vakue your life, bring value to every single day. And aslo value other people's lives and time - don't make them wait for you and just wait an hour of their lives for nothing. And you know, now that I write it down I relize that it was my choice to sit there and wait when I could just stand up and go. But at the same time it was also my choice to make this hour count by devoting this time to myself, to listening and talking with myself.
So the advice of the day is:

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