Friday, July 20, 2012

Love and think good of yourself

A funny thing happened today which showed that I still need to work on my self-esteem. I was taking an after-lunch walk around a pond today in the afternoon. On finishing the circle two a guy sitting on a bench first said 'Hello' to me and then asked how old I was. I did reply to the hello part, but pretended that I didn't hear the rest of the sentence and just kept walking. But I kept thinking "What did he mean by that? Why did he ask me that? Did he want to say that I was too fat? Or was not dressed appropriate for my age? Apparently if he was interested in me, he would have asked for my name, not age, so there must be something wrong with me". Still thinking these thoughts I finished the circle three and came again to the bench he was sitting on. This time I was the first one to talk. "You said something the last time, but I didn't quite hear you..." He came up to me and asked about the age again. I wondered why, and I surprised to har his answer: "Well, you look so young, I wouldn't give you more than 17, but you are so gracious and self-confident, I couldn't help but stare". I smiled graciously and went to my friend who was joining me for the walk. And I couldn't help but smile. All day long.
So the advice of the day is: think good of yourself. Always.

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