Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love and express yourself

Today's post is inspired by the movie 'Exit Through the Gift Shop". The main character there, Thierry Guetta, said that one of the main things he liked about street artists was that they were not afriad to express themselves. And that phrase stuck in my mind. I think the reason is because that it really appeals to me. For many years I have been shutting myself down, not letting myself be who I am, I have been afraid to express my thoughts and opinions. And I am so lucky that I have people in my life who show me that it is ok to be who you are, they teach me to speak up. If someone hurt me, it's not going to get better if I keep the thoughts and feelings to myself, I need to speak out in order to be understood. I am learning and trying to do all these things now. I have quite positive results, but there is still a long road in front of me. If you are like me  (the previous me, I would say), please try to change. You will see and feel for yourself how rewarding it is. It is much simpler to live when you are you, you don't need to worry what others might think about. Because you know what - most of the times it is all only in your heads. Peoply usually alreay have a lot of things in their lives to think about, and what someone else thinks or does usually doesn't matter to them. If you are worried about what your friends or relatives will think about you, then again stop worrying - people close to you want you to be happy. And being yourself, expressing yourself is part of being happy. So my advice for to day is:

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