Monday, July 16, 2012

Love and respect yourself

This has been one of the hardest posts so far. I've been meaning to write for about a week now, I sit down, I  start writng and every time I am not satisfied with what comes out. I can't really explain the reason for that, I thought maybe it's because I don't respect myself - but I say it out loud, I can hear my inner start screaming: "How dare you say so!". So I guess that is not the reason. And the same inner self is trying to ay something about my self-esteem,  with that I can agree, I do have quite low self-esteem, I cannot always stand up for my own opinion and sometimes I prefer not to be heard, to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself - but I don't really see how that is connected to respect, for myself and for others. I will continue thinking about this, but for now I do want to get this post out there - the little something that I could write on this topic.

One of the means of expressing love - to yourself and to other people - is respect. First of all I want to talk about love and respect for yourself.  And for me one of the ways to show the respect for yourself is to take care of the environment you live in. You can't say that you respect yourself if you live in a place that looks like a dumpster. This comes from a personal experience. As I have mentioned, I now live in a new place and I share an apartment with 3 girls. And I used to have some issues with them regarding the cleanliness of our apartment. I don't think of myself as a clean-freak, but I do like to live in a clean and dust free space. And I used to get upset about them not cleaning up after themselves, but I think - it's their choice, not mine, if I want to live in a clean environment, I should provide myself with one. And now I try not to pay attention to the fact that I clean up more than they do. That's not important. What is important, is that I love to come to the place where I live and enjoy living here.
So the advice of the day is:

This is all I could write about so far, I will continue this topic in the later posts. 

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